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Year 5 Homework 27.11.15

History and Literacy

As you know, in history we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Using the internet and books, do some research about ancient Egyptian mummies. What were they? How were they made? Why were they made?

Then use your research to write an explanation on how the mummies were made.

Remember to include: Complex sentences, technical vocabulary, adverbial phrases, time connectives. You may also include pictures/diagrams if you wish.

Make your explanation interesting and remember to make it detailed!


5SL – Complete exercises 4 and 5 in your CGP mental maths book.

5TM – Complete exercise 5 in your CGP mental maths book.


If you do not understand what to do, then please remember to ask Miss Lakha or Miss Mistry BEFORE the deadline.

Homework is due in on Thursday 3rd December.


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