Yr5 Easter Holiday Homework


For the past few weeks in literacy, we have become very familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet. Your task it to pick one key event from the story and write a newspaper report about it. Some events you could pick from could be: the feud between the Montagues and Capulets, the fight between Tybalt, Mercutio and Romeo, Romeo’s banishment, Romeo and Juliets death.

Remember to include a catchy headline, a standfirst (who, what, when and where), direct and reported speech, interesting vocabulary and when adverbials. We did a unit on newspaper reports in the autumn term so think about what you learnt then.


In maths, we have been continuing to learn about fractions. Please answer the following questions in your learning log and show your working. Use the <, > or = symbols to compare the following fractions.

1) 1/3      1/5                   2) 9/10        1/4

3) 5/6      4/8                 4) 4/3          8/7

5) 1/2       2/3                 6) 7/4          11/6

Remember, you need to convert the fractions so they have a common denominator before you compare them.


Our Science topic this term has been the Earth, Sun and Moon. In your learning log, pick any area of space that you wish to learn more about and do some research on it. Then use your research to create a fact file on your chosen area. Some ideas of things you may wish to research: Other planets in the solar system, black holes, stars, space travel.

Homework is due in on: Thursday 14th April.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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